Teresa Gordon

Art House 4
Address: 138 Portobello High Street
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Teresa’s work will include a series of oil and pastel paintings and sketches of the sky and environment she sees mostly from overlooking the Irish Sea. 

Apart from representing her absolute joy in the land, sea and skyscape Teresa sees around her, Teresa’s recent work is a contemplative effort to highlight the fleetingness and fragility of life. We are very small entities when confronted by the vastness of the sky and sea.  Appreciating the beauty of the environment has led Teresa to think about how much this could alter due to climate change.

About Teresa studied at Glasgow School of Art BA(Hons) Fine Art (sculpture), and she was awarded the Jock MacPhie painting prize. She then went to Strathclyde University in1995 to undertake a PGSE before returning to GSA and Glasgow University in 2003 to do an MPhil (Art, Design and Architecture in Education). 

She returned to the visual arts after 20 years in education and has exhibited at the Velvet Easel Portobello Artwalk Porty and Royal Scottish Academy. Solo exhibitions include Coburg House, St Margaret’s House and the Union Gallery, Edinburgh

Website: www.artweb.com/artists/23556_teresagordon

Instagram: @teresagordon1306

Contact: teresa.gordon@artweb.com