• Measuring Time through the Fall of Water

    Measuring Time through the Fall of Water

    An immersive video installation from artist collective HUNITI GOLDOX (Areej Huniti & Eliza Goldox) – Jordan/Germany. The work contemplates the intersectionality of lines –infrastructures that impose certain interpretations of the […]

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  • Buoyancy in unprecedented times

    Buoyancy in unprecedented times

    JENNY POPE connects early innovations in maritime travel with today’s climate crisis in order to address questions of collective anxiety and resilience. The project’s focal point is a hand-built ‘lifeboat’, […]

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  • Repel and attract

    Repel and attract

    Inspired by the unexpected presence of tomato seedlings thriving in the water treatment plant at Seafield, TONYA McMULLAN develops connections between waste, water, ecology and scent. This work also connects […]

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  • Braid Walk

    Braid Walk

    A series of monthly walks with two additional workshopsApril to September 2023 Walking from mouth to source along three adjoining burns: Figgate, Braid and Bonaly, these walks took their inspiration […]

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  • Quota


    CHRISTINA RILEY: Bottom towed fishing vessels are highly destructive to underwater ecologies including living seabed ecosystems which take millennia to form. Physically disruptive of the seafloor and indiscriminately collecting everything […]

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    Curated by Natasha Thembiso Ruwona, ENDLESS/BELLY brings together varied art forms that interrogate myth, spirituality and memory in response to Black Ecologies. Its title plays with the idea that the sea is […]

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  • I looked out and saw plumes of salty air

    I looked out and saw plumes of salty air

    As glaciers melt and heat evaporates water, the seas have changed. Matthews is testing speculative fictional environments in order to transform neoliberal apocalyptic narratives of doom and find hope in the dark. […]

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  • PORT


    5 ARTISTS . 5 COASTS . 5 WATERS . 5 SALTS Artist/curator Rosy Naylor invited five artists to come together and share dialogue around their walking habitats at a time […]

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