• Craigmillar & Communities Walking Residency

    Craigmillar & Communities Walking Residency

    Artist+curator Jonathan Baxter has been working with communities in Craigmillar & surrounding areas since 2021 to explore a range of approaches that embed an ecological way of thinking about Craigmillar’s […]

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  • Present in this Place

    Present in this Place

    GERI LOUP NOLAN Beach work installation “Break a vase, and the love that reassembles the fragments is stronger than that love which took its symmetry for granted when it was […]

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  • New Decorators of Portobello Bannerwork installed at kilns

    New Decorators of Portobello Bannerwork installed at kilns

    We recently worked with artist Nicky Bird, to create this collaborative bannerwork

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  • Decorators of Portobello

    Decorators of Portobello

    ‘The Decorators of Portobello‘ project was a two-year mult-generational oral history project led by artist, Nicky Bird, working closely with Portobello Heritage Trust and a number of decorators who once […]

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  • Plot 55b

    Plot 55b

    Felicity Bristow and Susie Wilson first began their residency in 2019 working the land from their garden shed at Plot 55b at Craigentinny Telferton Allotments. However due to the lockdown […]

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  • Future Value

    Future Value

    Deirdre Macleod has a longstanding interest in how cities work and how those who live in cities experience them. Her research as part of this two-year residency explores how gesture-based […]

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  • Material Land

    Material Land

    Jenny’s two-year residency as part of our Landmark series, explored the material land of Portobello, from the local historic clay-pits to the pollutant substances once produced in the post industrial […]

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  • Keeping Shop

    Keeping Shop

    A series of stories about local shops were hidden in old shop tins displayed around the park with handmade badges, portrait polaroid photos and more as prizes for local young […]

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  • Pier to Pier

    Pier to Pier

    Pier to pier is a participatory performance, a meeting of one space that is lost and another which is very much in existence. In this case it is the melding of […]

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  • Festoon


    Created by artist Deirdre Macleod, Festoon invited participants to walk slowly in a line, carrying portable lighted frames around the darker spaces of Portobello during the 2018 Art Walk Porty […]

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  • EdgeLands


    on the edge of the landon the edge of the city Exploring many lost and underused spaces around Seafield, the various projects considered the way we encounter these largely unregulated […]

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  • Inside Lane

    Inside Lane

    Art Walk Projects were invited in 2017 to develop an art engagement project working with Sustrans and East Dunbartonshire Council, to help develop a local community conversation around ways to […]

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