Decorators of Portobello bookwork: In Their Own Words

Nicky Bird, with Mairi Fortuna, Irene Mcintosh, Barbara Naughton, Irene Forbes, Pat Banyard

The Decorators of Portobello: In their own words makes visible a hidden social history of women that is still within living memory, where themes of life-long friendships, working responsibilities and conditions, are remembered alongside vivid memories of their craft. Edited by Nicky Bird & Margaret Munro

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Decorators of Portobello: In Their Own Words
Published Art Walk Press, 2021
— 64pp
— ISBN: 978-1-7399400-0-3

The Decorators of Portobello project was a two-year mult-generational oral history project led by artist, Nicky Bird, working closely with Portobello Heritage Trust and a number of decorators who once worked in Buchan Potteries in Portobello during 1950s/60s. The project sought to make visible previously unrecorded social histories for these women, using oral recording and archival photography. It brought attention to a group of women’s working lives at a point in time when we have an increased sense of the importance of place and industrial heritage.