Field-Studies in Radical Mycography

Myceliart Collective

2023-2024 Climate Cafe

As part of our ongoing Climate Cafe series we delve into the world of medicinal fungi with this series of walking workshops

Join Myceliart Collective for a series of mycelial workshops and walks that bring together artists, foragers, gardeners and mycologists to map our social, political, and personal connections with fungi in Edinburgh.

Mycography refers to creative processes of documenting fungi. This may encompass techniques such as drawing, recording, or other imaginative methods of rich description.

Participants can get involved in beginner mushroom identification, illustration, crafts and cultivation. The walks & workshops will contribute to a collectively shaped chronicle of contemporary connections with local fungi.

Series co-curated by artist Johanna Koen & researcher Oona Dooley from Myceliart. Featuring facilitation by Sally Somerville-Woodiwis and Ruby Scott-Geddes, as well as workshops led by Edinburgh’s community mushroom farm and education project Rhyze Mushrooms.

1st Walk: 

26th of November 2023 11:30-3pm

An Introduction to Foraging for Medicinal Fungi 

Max amount of participants 18

Participate in an upcoming walk, led by Myceliart organiser Johanna and Mim from Rhyze Mushrooms, to explore the rich variety of fungi present in Craigmillar Castle Park.

In this opening session, we’ll delve into the world of local medicinal fungi. Johanna will lead a creative exploration of the fascinating history of ethnomycology, a field of study that explores the relationship between fungi and humans. This will involve recording medicinal fungi uses. Mim will then demonstrate guerrilla mushroom cultivation of frequently-used medicinal species. 

Please note this involves light inclines, potentially muddy woodland paths and walking through grasslands. Feel free to bring a flask with a warm beverage or snack.  

This series of mycelial walks and workshops is commissioned by Art Walk Projects and forms part of our continuing Climate Cafe series supported by Postcode Lottery and Awards for All.

Images by Johanna Koen