Scott Hunter & Keira Tucker

2023 Climate Cafe Ecology Science

A collaborative art/science project working with participants from Access to Industry led by artist Scott Hunter and scientist Keira Tucker (Ascus Art Science Lab)

Over nine weeks participants from Access to Industry (PAGE 2 Group – Photographic Arts Group Empowerment) took part in a series of photo walks collecting plant materials to experiment with different chemical-free photographic processes, aiming to teach new skills, reduce isolation and improve wellbeing for participants.

Across the weekly workshops led by Scott Hunter and Keira Tucker, students experimented with a range of alternative methods of developing/creating photographs using plants, bacteria, and fungi involving cyanotypes, chemigrams, phytograms, soil chromatographs, microscopy, and more. 

[above] phytograms – left: Allyn, right: Steven

The project culminated with an exhibition at Portobello Library (September 2023) showing a number of the plant-processed photographs, petri dish experiments and other processes involved including bacteria prints – bacterial cultures on exposed negative film, some of which are shown below (l-r: Liz, Lucy, Prarthana, Prarthana, Scott, Allyn)

Thanks to support from Stills Gallery in helping realise this project and Portobello Library for hosting of the exhibition. Funded by Paths for All (Smarter Choices, Smarter Places fund) and National Lottery Awards for All.