Our 2023 Vessel programme centred on ten interweaving ecological public art commissions relating to questions of water, fracture and care in response to the climate crisis.

The vessel, as a form, as a channel, as a flow, as a journey, as a nutrient, as a means for care were many of the artistic responses visible within this series of multifaceted projects.

  • Journey Lines: Making and Breaking Places

    Journey Lines: Making and Breaking Places

    Our recording of last week’s live event is ready to view from here Journey Lines brought together discussion around path making and place making, to consider tourism and access along our […]

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  • Measuring Time through the Fall of Water

    Measuring Time through the Fall of Water

    An immersive video installation from artist collective HUNITI GOLDOX (Areej Huniti & Eliza Goldox) – Jordan/Germany. The work contemplates the intersectionality of lines –infrastructures that impose certain interpretations of the […]

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  • Stool to Stool

    Stool to Stool

    By connecting Portobello’s industrial past sanitary ware manufacturing with the present-day wastewater treatment plant in Seafield, MURRAY MORRANT takes a playful approach to expose the hidden infrastructures that supports our […]

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  • Tired Water

    Tired Water

    Tired Water VIRA PUTRI is an installation comprising of an engraved metal vessel containing vibrating rice water, moved by a folk song recorded through low frequency soundwaves, spotlit and surrounded by […]

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  • Slow Coast 500

    Slow Coast 500

    CLAUDIA ZEISKE’S Slow Coast 500 is a long-distance walk from Dunnet Head to Berwick-upon-Tweed along the entire coast of the North Sea in Scotland. The project borrows its name from the North […]

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  • Buoyancy in unprecedented times

    Buoyancy in unprecedented times

    JENNY POPE connects early innovations in maritime travel with today’s climate crisis in order to address questions of collective anxiety and resilience. The project’s focal point is a hand-built ‘lifeboat’, […]

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  • Repel and attract

    Repel and attract

    Inspired by the unexpected presence of tomato seedlings thriving in the water treatment plant at Seafield, TONYA McMULLAN develops connections between waste, water, ecology and scent. This work also connects […]

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  • Wing Cradle

    Wing Cradle

    HENNA ASIKAINEN weaves together myths and politics with those of ecological concerns. Wing Cradle connects the migration of birds with testimonies relating to lived experiences of human migration. The work draws […]

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  • Braid Walk

    Braid Walk

    A series of monthly walks with two additional workshopsApril to September 2023 Walking from mouth to source along three adjoining burns: Figgate, Braid and Bonaly, these walks took their inspiration […]

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  • The School of Pedestrian Culture

    The School of Pedestrian Culture

    During LUCAS PRIEST’S residency with Art Walk Projects’ ‘Climate Cafe’ the School will become an expanded walking forum featuring contributions from artists Iman Tajik and Johanna Koen. Drawing from the […]

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  • Quota


    CHRISTINA RILEY: Bottom towed fishing vessels are highly destructive to underwater ecologies including living seabed ecosystems which take millennia to form. Physically disruptive of the seafloor and indiscriminately collecting everything […]

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