LANDMARK Our 2019 Art Walk Porty Festival programme considered the changing post industrial landscape of Western Portobello, exploring the working land in relation to the growing of communities and place identity.

Working with sites of Buchan Potteries and Craigentinny Telferton Allotments a series of reseach based projects developed centring around Material Land, Working Land and Walking Land.

The programme was accompanied by a 5-part walking project FOOTPRINT working with artists Chris Dooks, Alec Finlay, Deirdre Macleod, Holger Mohaupt and Suzanne Parry.

  • Landmark Newspaper

    Landmark Newspaper

    2019 Printed programme including research material from all residency artists from the curated programme as well as invited artist Keira O’Toole (Ireland) Office of Public Wonder Warning project The Minor […]

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  • Decorators of Portobello

    Decorators of Portobello

    ‘The Decorators of Portobello‘ project was a two-year mult-generational oral history project led by artist, Nicky Bird, working closely with Portobello Heritage Trust and a number of decorators who once […]

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  • Plot 55b

    Plot 55b

    Felicity Bristow and Susie Wilson first began their residency in 2019 working the land from their garden shed at Plot 55b at Craigentinny Telferton Allotments. However due to the lockdown […]

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  • Future Value

    Future Value

    Deirdre Macleod has a longstanding interest in how cities work and how those who live in cities experience them. Her research as part of this two-year residency explores how gesture-based […]

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  • Material Land

    Material Land

    Jenny’s two-year residency as part of our Landmark series, explored the material land of Portobello, from the local historic clay-pits to the pollutant substances once produced in the post industrial […]

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  • Footprint


    During 2019 five artists were commissioned to develop walking and cycling routes that explored local, everyday landscapes and neighbourhoods: Chris Dooks, Alec Finlay, Deirdre Macleod, Holger Mohaupt and Suzie Parry. […]

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