• Welcome to Portobello

    Welcome to Portobello

    IMAN TAJIK developed a two-year residency project working with Art Walk Projects, beginning in 2020 with a durational performance ‘Where the Body Meets the Land’ on Portobello Beach as part […]

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  • Decorators of Portobello

    Decorators of Portobello

    ‘The Decorators of Portobello‘ project was a two-year mult-generational oral history project led by artist, Nicky Bird, working closely with Portobello Heritage Trust and a number of decorators who once […]

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  • Future Value

    Future Value

    Deirdre Macleod has a longstanding interest in how cities work and how those who live in cities experience them. Her research as part of this two-year residency explores how gesture-based […]

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  • Material Land

    Material Land

    Jenny’s two-year residency as part of our Landmark series, explored the material land of Portobello, from the local historic clay-pits to the pollutant substances once produced in the post industrial […]

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