Moira Fowler

Art House 2
Address: 16 Rosefield Place
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Moira paints images with figures whose body language and gestures are embedded in overall patterns. 

“We are not stuff that abides but patterns that perpetuate themselves.” Norbert Weiner. I look at how things grow and what effects that. I looked at the formula behind the distribution of seeds on a sunflower head and how the process is changed by circumstances. I looked at the legend of Ossian in so far as who loves it and who hates it as “fake news” and what made these people have these attitudes. It is because I think about what has influenced me.

About Exhibited and studied at Leith School of Art for many years. Exhibitions include White Space Gallery April 2022 Group exhibition. LSA Landscapes Exhibition. June 2022 Light on Lite Exhibition April 2023

Instagram: @moirafowler51