Mary Walters

Art House 20
Address: 4 Joppa Park
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

An eclectic collection of prints inspired by travels to both warm and cold climes. New works inspired by a recent residency in Greenland and will be shown alongside a selection of older work.

Mary Walters is currently exploring aspects of printmaking, basing her work on research done on residencies in Svalbard and Iceland, and most recently in Greenland with the Arctic Culture Lab. She has also revisited drawings done in Dominica during past work projects, and these have inspired a series of monotypes, allowing her colour palette to depart from the blues of the Arctic! She is interested in exploring and learning about how art practice can inform a holistic approach to climate change challenges, contributing a different but equally valid perspective to those from practitioners in other walks of life.

About Mary studied at Edinburgh College of Art on the part-time BA degree graduating in 2013. 

Recent exhibitions include Hidden Door festival 2023, Glacial Narratives: Cracks in the Ice. With Adam Sebire, Elizabeth Bourne, Mettje Hunneman, Martin Disley, Andra Black, Peter Nienow at Custom House Gallery, Leith, Edinburgh 2023, Edinburgh Printmakers Members’ exhibition Kinship, December 2022, Upright Gallery Artists’ Book exhibition, December 2022 and she has shown at Porty Artwalk for several years. 

Mary recently undertook a residency with Arctic Culture lab, to Illulisat, Greenland in June 2023. 


Facebook: @marywalters

Instagram: @marywalters7