Jude Nixon

Art House 8
Address: 21 Bath Street
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Jude is fascinated by old, discarded items and natural forms, often drawn to small fragile objects which can be containers of more fundamental enduring matter. During ArtWalk 2023 she will be showing new paintings and small sculptures.

Drawing is the way in which Jude researches and collects material. She often starts by making detailed observational studies en situ before moving into the studio to play with a more abstract interpretation focussing as much on her emotional an instinctual response as on the object itself. She works with a range of materials including home-made gesso, size (a traditional form of glue) and pure pigment, exploring how far such material can be manipulated and their application on different surfaces. Working quickly, she welcomes and yet seeks to control the accidental within her work. She aims to balance expressive energy with sensitivity to detail.

About Between 2011 and 2016 Jude attended Edinburgh College of Art and Leith School of Art specialising in painting. Since 2017 she has worked from a studio at Edinburgh Palette, St Margarets House, Edinburgh. 

Recent Solo and Group Exhibitions include Society of Scottish Artists, 123rd Annual Exhibition, Royal Scottish Academy, Liminal: a group exhibition at St Margarets House and Fragile Futures: Two Person show with Mary Walters Upright Gallery Edinburgh. 

She has exhibited in Artwalk Porty regularly since 2015.

Website: www.judenixon.co.uk

Facebook: @Jude Nixon

Twitter: @nixon7655

Instagram: @nixon.judith1

Contact: nixon.judith1@gmail.com