Juan de la Pena

Art House 12
Address: 4 Bellfield Terrace
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

A range of watercolours depicting townscapes and architectural detail, featuring many familiar locations and iconic buildings in Edinburgh and Portobello. Juan also produces portraits, and studies of birds and animals.

Interwoven with his professional journey as an architect and urban designer, and from an early age, Juan has sketched and painted for personal pleasure and satisfaction. He has always been fascinated by shapes, forms, light, shadow, contrast, colours and perspective, driven by a personal need to capture and record his surroundings. His sketches, portraits and townscapes record places and memories that are special to him: geographically diverse and spanning a chronology of over three decades. His work brings a fresh and different perspective to what might be familiar landmarks or buildings, highlighting the sense of place and character that a local community derives from its architecture. In addition to portraits of humans and animals he has recently extended his practice to include studies of birds, inspired by their vibrancy and riot of colour to be found in the natural world.

About Degree in Architecture at ITESO University, Guadalajara, Mexico 1980

Master’s Degree in Urban Design and Planning Edinburgh University 1985

Exhibitions Exhibition in Ares Arquitectos (Collective) Guadalajara, Mexico, and Exhibition at “El Patio”, Edinburgh. He has 40 years’ experience of delivering commissions for artist’s impressions of commercial properties and developments. Recent private commissions include Edinburgh townscapes, private houses in Portobello and animal portraits. 

Website: www.jdlpartwork.com

Facebook: Juan de la Pena

Instagram: @ juan.delapena.54

Contact: juan@de-la-pena.co.uk