Journey Lines: Making and Breaking Places

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Our recording of last week’s live event is ready to view from here

Journey Lines brought together discussion around path making and place making, to consider tourism and access along our coast lines. Discussing how we consider the role of tourism in making (or breaking) places, Zeiske gave an illustrated talk about her long-distance 700 mile walk Slow Coast 500 commissioned by Art Walk Projects.

In conversation with anthropologist Tim Ingold, we heard about his ideas of the Coastline, discussing socio-ecological approaches to anthropology, drawing connections with walking, weaving, and storytelling, to consider the impacts on the environment and community for path and place-making.

Chaired by Ben Twist (Director, Creative Carbon Scotland), the event also bring together representatives from different coastal path locations on the North Sea coast, as well as tourism and place making strategies.

Image: Alice Mainstone


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