John Thayers

Art House 22
Address: 31 Esplanade Terrace
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Abstract/geometrical, non-representational 3D/2Dwork using a range of material including wood, MDF, recycled materials, metal, Perspex, spray paint and acrylic paint. Paintings and collage using mixed media.

The assemblages/constructions, often with a strong sculptural quality, present a reimagined, abstracted representation of the built, human made environment and seek to piece together different aspects of the urban world, including the technology that drives change. Everyday, often salvaged material, used out of context encourages the viewer to reconsider the overlooked, the mundane, non-art material in a new light. Using different combinations of these materials with acrylic paint builds new relationships and connections between our everyday lives and the way in which we construct our physical surroundings. The architectural quality of the material used, shapes the creative process requiring a more measured, reflective process where pieces can be reassembled, recut and reassembled again to create new relationships and perspectives. Painting and collage allows a great freedom to interpret more natural environments often at a micro level, particularly the notion of margins where land and water meet.

About John is a self-taught artist though he studied photography and design at Napier College before moving to a career in teaching. 

He has undertaken commissions for both indoor and outdoor spaces and has shown at the Velvet Easel Gallery and in Artwalk Porty 2017 – 2023

In 2020 his design was used as a cover on a technical and scientific publication titled Tanulmanyok A Nemet Kozoktatasi Rendersol by Ohidy Andrea published by Jate Press, Germany.