Javier Ventura

Art House 18
Address: 71 Promenade
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Javier is showing his distinctive paintings on canvas which are inspired by the space where he lives in Portobello, overlaid with symbolism and surrealism.

Javier’s painting is closely related to the sea and the light. It is a symbolist, surrealist and literary interpretation, with an enigmatic atmosphere which tells stories related to the landscape and architecture. 

“Your painting belongs to the world of the real, to those parallel worlds that surround us, but which they say we don’t see, and if we do see them it’s better not to notice them. False, because both painting and poetry are the evidence that those worlds exist and are more authentic than the realities imposed on us. “The crack in the canvas”.” Paco Aragón

Born in Cadiz, studied Fine Arts (Sevilla).
Among many expositions the most remarkable to date:
-ADUANA89, International Vanguard Art Competition by the deputation of Cádiz
-Aduanas 5 years
-Fundación Zolio Ruiz Mateos Rota
-Collection of the Museum of Los Angeles by Lucia Bose, Turegano, Segovia
-Marlene Dietrich, woman’s face, Alcances.Cadiz, film festival
-Galería Toro Granada
-The Velvet Easel Gallery – Edinburgh
-Collection in Cádiz Diputación de Cádiz
-Art Walk Porty
-Galleria Riccio – Dalkeith 

Website: www.venturapinturas.com

Contact: venturapintura@yahoo.es