Greta McMillan

Art House 11
Address: 9e Bellfield Lane
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Greta makes digital artworks using a Tobii ‘eyegaze’: a precise electronic device responsive to the human eye. Her works explore the theme of the climate emergency.

Greta McMillan exhibits internationally, and her works are collected worldwide.  Greta’s largest work ‘Dance_6’, is a 15m by 3m art installation at the Waverley Steps, Edinburgh. She is an artist and film maker: her main theme is climate change and how to change behaviours. She works within the team Studio Greta, using her eyegaze device to give instructions as well as now learning to directly access her camera and iMovie: for storyboarding, camera angles and editing. Greta has been exploring the experience of living by the water, in a series of responsive paintings which will be one part of her Art House, the digital pieces will be printed as large-scale canvases, and more delicate giclee prints. The other element will be running screenings of her short film.

About Greta is currently collaborating artist on an 18-month sensory theatre piece, While the World Turns, about our relationship to nature, with Oily Cart, London, and Polyglot, Melbourne. 

Greta won the 2022 SYFF Scottish Youth Film Foundation ‘Films For our Future’ Film competition, with her short film ‘Into the Air’.


Facebook: @gretaseyegazeart

Instagram: @gretaseyegazeart