Seagrass Talk with Lyle Boyle from the Ecology Centre


Location: Beach in front of Portobello Swim Centre

Date/Time: Thurs 7 September 2pm to Thurs 7 September 3pm

Seagrasses are a group of marine flowering plant that inhabit shallow coastal waters. They are referred to as ecosystem engineers, due to their ability to transform barren seabed into structurally complex environments, through their colonisation. Seagrasses provide a range of beneficial services, which impact upon our wellbeing as well as enhancing the quality of the marine environment. Sadly, seagrass extent has drastically declined the world over. Restoration Forth, a marine enhancement project, aims to counter this loss by actively restoring seagrass meadows here in the Forth. Join Lyle on the 7th of September to learn more about this wonderful plant and ways you can help contribute to its rejuvenation.