Sand Making Vessel Workshop & Pop up Exhibition


Location: Portobello Beach, by Swim Centre

Date/Time: Sunday 3 September 3pm to Sunday 3 September 6pm

The workshop will involve making objects in the style of sandcastles,
encouraging learning and creative thinking through play. A lightweight
cubicle on the beach will help create a pop-up exhibition; the four walls of the cubicle will become the walls to display the outcomes of the workshop.

Using a polaroid camera to capture the workshop participants next to their
objects before the tide washes them away, these instant photos will be placed
on the cubicle wall, along with written notes and other found artefacts during
the course of the event to create a pop up exhibition at high tide. At the end
of the evening, this cubicle will be taken down, leaving no trace on the beach.

Murray will provide a selection of formworks to be used in the same way a bucket is used for making sandcastles. Participants can mix and match these forms to experiment and create their own sandcastle-like sculptures, taking the shape of pipework, toilets, and drains. These are elements that are usually invisible and reserved for individual use, but here, they will be put on display and made by a collective group of people.

This exercise will hopefully be an accessible and fun experience to be hands-
on, making sand sculptures, and allow participants to engage in a conversation about the individual’s contribution to the collective (waste) while being part of a pop-up exhibition.