Deluge talk: Land-shapes with artist Linde Ex (Netherlands)


Location: Art Walk Hub

Date/Time: Sat 9 September 11am to Sat 9 September 12pm

For the DELUGE project, artist Linde Ex is researching the coastal saltmarshes near Firth of Forth, Edinburgh; Barrow in Furness, Cumbria and the Wadden Sea, the Netherlands. Because of their aesthetics – generally flat and open, with a limited colour palette and few recognisable landscape objects – these landscapes can be hard to connect to and engage with. During her research trips, Ex has been collecting ‘landshapes’ – shapes in the landscape visible from different angles and distances. This approaching to landscape through collecting and drawing shapes led to new ways of understanding and engaging with these specific locations.

This talk is an opportunity for the artist to present updates on her research, sharing experiences about visiting the three coastal salt marsh locations and collecting and drawing the ‘land-shapes’. The talk includes a selection of the drawings on show and information about future participatory art projects with local communities.

Linde Ex is an artist, artistic researcher and teacher. She lives and works in Groningen, the Netherlands. Linde is interested in other-than-
human perspectives in an ecological context. Her work process can be described as a series of attempts to explore and create connections and understandings between humans and more-than-human-others. Linde works from a broad research approach. She often works together with other art disciplines and scientists who stimulate her to consider other perspectives.