Art Walk Projects accepts responsibility for the harmful effects its operations have on both the local and global environment and is committed to reducing them. We will measure its impact on the environment and comply with all relevant environmental legislation.

We are committed to considering our environmental impacts in all the projects we deliver, together with our carbon footprint as an expanding eco-arts organisation. We carefully consider the materials or methods we use to instal works reducing harmful impacts across all our activities.

We will continue to programme work that creatively engages with environmental issues through a range of residencies and artist-led walking activity, providing a forum for critical debate and dialogue.

We take responsibility for recording our carbon outputs, monitoring our waste, and travel within our organisation. We are conscious of making green choices when members of our team or commissioned artists need to travel as part of delivering our programme.

Audiences will be encouraged to make sustainable travel choices when visiting our events and exhibitions. These preferences will be emphasised through the way we promote our programme.

We will ensure all staff or board members have an understanding of the importance of environmental issues, with preference for having a board member in place who is actively involved in this area.

In terms of sustainability, we will consider the longer term when planning projects, to ensure projects have a long lasting social or environmental impact, whether by way of a physically installed artwork at a public site, or through the way in which audiences continue to engage with a specific project.

Our organisation will continue to embed equality, diversity and inclusion, along with environmental awareness and sustainability into its programming alongside strong governance.

Art Walk Projects CIC is a member of Creative Carbon Scotland’s Green Arts Initiative.




Rosy Naylor [producer + founder],
Alison Chisholm, Jenny Martin & Jude Nixon

Organising team:
Jon Davey, Lindsay Perth, Jenny Pope, Karl Stern

Art Walk Projects CIC no 525677

Email rosy@artwalkporty.co.uk


Equalities & Diversity


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