Claire MacDonald

Art House 3
Address: 130/4 Portobello High Street
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

This year Claire has been drawing masks she saw traveling in Papua New Guinea. She plans to develop these into a project called Clans & Tribes which will be on show in her garden studio.

Masks & Identity feature heavily in all different clans and tribes, they differentiate one from another, they are decorative and they bring together communities; in putting on a performance they are performed with a sense of pride and ceremony. Claire has been drawing masks as a starting point for woodcuts that she is producing at Edinburgh Printmakers. Papa New Guinea has a clan system similar to Scotland, their smaller family groups can come together to form tribes for mutually beneficial reasons. There is also an area of Papa New Guinea called the Highlands, reminiscent of Scotland and this resonated and inspired Claire’s new work.

About Claire studied at Edinburgh College of Art 1991-95

She has exhibited at the Edinburgh Printmakers Exhibition in Dec 2022 – Jan 2023

She has taken part in the Art Walk over the last six years


Facebook: @macavaggios/ Claire MacDonald Portraits and Prints

Instagram: @claire.macdonald.54584