Aurora Pinyes

Art House 6
Address: Flat 1, 13 Bath Street
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Aurora makes her pieces by hand building. Each piece is unique and experimental. She is playing with the theme of water and clay and the music this combination produces. She is showing an arrangement of female-shaped vessels that explore the concept of women and beauty.

Her work currently falls into two themes. The first is mixing clay and water to produce sound. These are experimental and sensory works, fountains to delight the ear and eye. The second is the concept of vessels associated with women exploring inner strength outside society’s beauty standards. The bodies are sketchy, and the faces are expressive to engage with the observer. A beautiful vase can be a stereotype of women. Vases are admired when they are beautiful and functional; when a vase is empty it is a decorative object, but when it contains water, it sustains life. Aurora uses hand-building to make her pots and she experiments with different decorations to convey the message of each piece.

About Aurora started making pottery through evening classes. She then joined the Bridge Pottery collective, where she met Alison Robinson the most influential person in her clay work.

Her exhibitions include Scottish Creation in 2022, Water Mill Gallery, Aberfeldy, 2022, ‘Connections’ at An Tolla Solais, Ullapool, 2023, and the Bridge Pottery Annual Exhibition in 2016 – 2023.

She has participated in Artwalk Porty 2015 – 2022

Instagram: @aurorapinyes_ceramics