Art Houses

2/3 and 9/10 September
Sats 10am-6pm Suns 11am-5pm

We are really delighted to be able to welcome everyone to our Art Houses open studios programme this year as part of ‘Art Walk Porty’.

Art Houses are open at above times (unless stated otherwise on individual artist pages)

Please also note some studios are open additionally by appointment during the week. Please contact artist to arrange.

Key to symbols:

Studio open by appointment during the week mon-fri 4th-8th Sept, please contact artist in advance

Disabled or part disabled access

All Artists

Art House 1- Wayne Antony
Art House 2- Julia Macaulay Moira Fowler Glass Lab
Art House 3- Claire MacDonald
Art House 4- Teresa Gordon
Art House 5- Matt Vale
Art House 6- Jane Chisholm Aurora Pinyes
Art House 7- Robin Baillie
Art House 8- Jude Nixon
Art House 9- Sarah Knox
Art House 10- Caroline Convey
Art House 11- Greta McMillan Bea McMillan
Art House 12- Nicky Sanderson Juan de la Peña
Art House 13- Claire Graham Morvern Graham
Art House 14- Judy Dale
Art House 15- Alison Stewart
Art House 16- Dylan Bell
Art House 17- Susie Reade & Peter Galinsky
Art House 18- Karl Stern Javier Ventura
Art House 19- Daniel Killeen
Art House 20- Mary Walters
Art House 21- Jenny Martin
Art House 22- John Thayers
Art House 23- Zoe Kean James Kean
Art House 24- Jenny Capon
Art House 25- Amy Dennis
Art House 26- Mike Kinane
Art House 27- Michelle Lowe Anna Liebmann
Art House 28- Laura Campbell

Caroline Convey
Caroline Convey
Amy Dennis
Nicky Sanderson
Wayne Antony

Karl Stern
Karl Stern
Jenny Martin
Jenny Martin
Michelle Lowe
Jenny Capon
Alison Stewart
Morvern Graham
Mary Walters

Talks and Workshops

  • Art House 7: The Downed Dumb
    Poetry Reading by Robin Baillie
    Saturday, 2 September at 2pm – 2.30pm
    A reading of recent poems on contemporary European history, published on CD as DITCHBURN, featuring specially composed music by Colin Gateley.

  • Art House 9 Adventures in Colour
    Artist Talk by Sarah Knox
    Sundays 3 & 10 September, 3pm  
    Sarah will talk about the influences in her work, the medium of watercolour and its expressive and abstract qualities with a brief demonstration.
  • Art House 17: In Collaboration
    Susie Reade & Peter Galinsky
    Sunday 3 September  
    2pm Introduction and discussion about the art works
    3pm Musical improvisation in response to the images 

  • Art House 27: Joanie Bonessongs and stories of meaning and unity
    Sunday 3 September, 3.30-4.30pm
    Porty resident Joanie Bones uses spoken word and a cappella song based on the British folk song tradition to weave stories of connection, meaning and unity. Expect songs and stories about a wide range of curious topics, including a famous Edinburgh resident and things one can find walking up the Figgate burn as it leads into the sea.
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