Alison Stewart

Art House 15
Address: 8 John St West
Open: 2/3 and 9/10 September

Alison explores composition, colour and surface elements in still life painting. She enjoys both the spontaneity of collage work and the more deliberated process involved in resolving oil paintings.

Her interest in still life painting began during lockdown and has continued as a theme in Alison Stewart’s work. The love of vessels and objects of containment began when Alison studied ceramics in the 90’s. The challenge of two-dimensional work compared to three-dimensional sculpture has been to create resolved paintings that work compositionally in illusionistic space. Playing with abstract elements of shape and colour is a key element in the work even though the end result is representational. Any resulting emotional qualities in the paintings are a bi product of this process.

1985-1989 St Andrews University, MA Psychology
1991-1993 Camberwell College of Art, BAC 3D Design
2023 RSW Open Exhibition RSA
2022 SSA Open Exhibition RSA
2022 Open Eye Gallery Postcard Exhibition, Edinburgh
2022 Edinburgh MacMillan Art Show,
Festival Office 2022 Quay Gallery, Aberdour
2021 Artwalk Porty


Instagram: @alisonmackaystewart