About Us

Who We Are

Rosy Naylor, Founder & Artistic Director
Alice Mainstone, Programme Co-ordinator
Murray Morrant, Curatorial Engagement Assistant (Thrift)

Board members:
Genevieve Fay (chair), Jenny Martin, Frazer McNaughton, Judith Nixon, Kirsty Paton, Iman Tajik

Festival organising committee:
Jon Davey, Peter Jones, Jenny Pope, Karl Stern, Alison Stewart, Cameron Wyllie

146 Duddingston Road West
Edinburgh EH16 4AP
Enquiries: info@artwalkporty.co.uk

Image: our office view,
Drybrough’s disused brewery

Art Walk Porty Festival dates: 7 to 15 September 2024

Art Walk Projects is an artist-led organisation situated in Portobello, a coastal suburb of Edinburgh, working collaboratively with artists and communities to create experimental, ambitious environmental focussed art projects, embedded in place and local ecologies.

Producers of the Art Walk Porty Festival, an annual event each September, begun in 2015, we create an annual programme celebrating place, community and contemporary culture, connected to our annual theme and year-round programme involving a number of public realm commissions, installations and live-art events. In addition artworks are exhibited in local shops, and a number of local artists open up their homes and studios through our Art Houses programme.

Since forming in 2015 the organisation has grown to encompass year-round projects that flow into the annual festival organised around a series of social and ecological practice artist residencies, walking programmes and community engagement projects based around Edinburgh’s north eastern coast.

Often working with lost or undervisited sites we strive to engage communities connecting people, place and partnership, exploring new terrains, that have social or ecological relevance. The programme is curated by Art Walk’s founder Rosy Naylor.

Our Aims:

To commission ambitious, compelling work that furthers the debate around art and the environment, particularly in relation to the climate emergency and climate migration

To build our audience base, interweaving local communities with wider audiences across Scotland and internationally

To work with a festival model which includes Art Houses, as a vehicle for public engagement alongside an artist residency programme and shorter artist commissions

To promote equality, accessibility and inclusion through the way in which we programme work, reflecting diversity alongside excellence

To work collaboratively across disciplines testing out new ground and interdisciplinary forms of collaboration

Some of the commissioned artists we’ve worked with:

Elise Ashby (Edinburgh), Henna Asikainen (Newcastle), Louise Barrington (Orkney), Julia Barton (Scotland), Jonathan Baxter (Edinburgh), Nicky Bird (Musselburgh), Jill Boualaxai (Edinburgh), Greig Burgoyne (Hastings), Juliana Capes (Edinburgh), Jacqueline Donachie (Glasgow), Chris Dooks (Edinburgh), Linde Ex (Netherlands), Alec Finlay (Edinburgh), Tanatsei Gambura (Scotland/Zimbabwe), Hayley Harrison (London), Here+Now (Edinburgh), Fiona Hermse (Edinburgh), Huniti Goldox (Jordan/Germany), Annie Lord (Edinburgh), Geri Loup Nolan (Edinburgh), Mahala Le May (Edinburgh), Deirdre Macleod (Edinburgh), Emma Macleod (Edinburgh), Joanne Matthews (Edinburgh), Tonya McMullan (Edinburgh), Holger Mohaupt (North Berwick), Murray Morrant (Glasgow), Oi Musica (Edinburgh), Dana Olarescu (London/Barrow), Kiera O’Toole (Ireland), Suzanne Parry (Edinburgh), Elspeth Penfold (Whitstable, Kent), Jenny Pope (Edinburgh), Lucas Priest (Edinburgh), Vira Putri (Edinburgh), Daniele Sambo (Glasgow), Anthony Schrag (Edinburgh), Iman Tajik (Glasgow/Iran), Rhona Taylor (Edinburgh), Natasha Thembiso Ruwona (Scotland/Zimbabwe), Eleanor Thom (Edinburgh), Oscar van Heek (Edinburgh), Stephanie Whitelaw (Edinburgh), Ross Whyte (Glasgow), David Williams (Edinburgh), Lisa Williams (Scotland/Caribbean), Wilson+Bristow (Edinburgh/Scottish Borders), Claudia Zeiske (Edinburgh).