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Fi Bailey | Tzipporah Johnston | Mairi Summers

OPEN: 7+8 & 14+15 September

42/8 Joppa Road EH15 2ET

Tzipporah Johnston is an embroiderer and mixed media artist from Edinburgh. Using embroidery and other traditional textile techniques in combination with found objects, Tzipporah creates assemblages and installations that challenge popular perceptions of autism.

Tzipporah will be presenting her installation, The Museum of Monotropism, at Art Walk Porty 2019. Mainstream depictions of autism and autistic experience are almost uniformly presented from a neurotypical perspective. Observation without understanding leads to depictions that are inauthentic and sometimes offensive, portraying autistic people as lacking interiority, and defining them in terms of restrictions and deficits. Through pieces drawing inspiration from history, anthropology, and the natural world, The Museum presents autism from an autistic point of view, expressing the richness and diversity of one autist’s inner world. rticularly with the idea of function as performance. Part of this project is the result of her involvement on the Creative Influence team with Artlink’s Autism Strategy to advocate change through art practice.


Tzipporah Johnston is a regular exhibitor in traditional handcraft shows, and was 2018 Handcrafts Champion at the Royal Highland Show. She was awarded the Edinburgh Knitting and Crochet Guild 1980-1994 Perpetual Challenge Trophy in 2017 and 2018 for innovation and creativity in knitting, and is passionate about the promotion of traditional skills as both cultural heritage and respected artistic practice. She has a BA in History and M.St. in Jewish Studies from Balliol College, Oxford and this background continues to inform her work. She has lived and worked in Edinburgh, Oxford, London and Jerusalem.











opening times:
sat - 10am-6pm
sun - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 7th+8th & 14th+15th sept