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Fi Bailey | Tzipporah Johnston | Mairi Summers

OPEN: 7+8 & 14+15 September

42/8 Joppa Road EH15 2ET

The main body of Mairi's work is concerned with unfolding and emerging. She is interested in the fluidity of self and the interruptions, folds, edges and spaces between, which make up the topography of an individual’s sense of self. She explores these ideas mainly through a process-based practice, following her instincts and feeling where the work is leading. Another aspect of exploring these ideas of unfolding and emerging is the idea of ‘finding the image’. She is interested in representational drawing as a way of exploring the way the image unfolds and the process of emergence – of the image and of herself during the process.

"This process of taking the subject into oneself, for me at least, is a delicate process involving sensitivity, intuition, and balancing strength and fragility to produce work which feels authentic to me."


Mairi Summers is a Fine Artist and Illustrator currently based in Edinburgh. She’s originally from the remote, wild and beautiful area of Applecross in the North West Highlands of Scotland.

Mairi gained a BA Honours in Fine Art (Printmaking) at Grays School of Art, Aberdeen, and then went on to complete and MSc in Art Therapy at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She went on to complete the Drawing course at Leith School of Art where she is currently attending the Contemporary Art Practice course. Mairi is the recipient of the 2016 RSA Latimer Award.

Over the years Mairi has worked in community arts and youth counselling within various organisations and strongly believes in the power of art as a tool for change and growth.









opening times:
sat - 10am-6pm
sun - 11am-5pm

sat/sun 7th+8th & 14th+15th sept