Venue 46

Jill Martin Boualaxai

're-covered <> re/formed'

By the Figgate Burn onto beach, and at the site of old Powerhouse
tel 07729 283347

Jill is a visual artist who works predominantly with found objects and sculptural forms, interweaving them with drawn and printed elements, sound, light and video to create immersive site specific installations.

Her practice is rooted in creating work that responds to a sense of place and archaeological storytelling. Prior to teaching and working in the creative industry, she was an archaeologist. This previous life has permeated and deeply influenced her artistic practice and now she finds herself working predominantly with found objects and ephemera. Her two site specific intereventions for 'Edge Lands' map and reference Portobello's ever changing historical urban footprint, specifically to the old lido and the power station.

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