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Rachel Baird

Earthy, 19 Windsor Place
tel 07902 131793

Excerpts from ‘Weather Girl’ - Poetry and sand manadala paintings on watercolour paper.

Weather Girl - The story of life in Portobello as told by the weather.

Sand Mandalas - Rhythmic patterns that tide and seaweed imprint onto the local strand are recreated with paint and Porty sand on paper.

M. R. Baird was born and raised in San Francisco on the pabulum of the west coast literary and art renaissance. Offering up poems as a language of shared experience, Baird’s poems are confessional, intentionally accessible and often visual, unfolding stories through descriptive imagery. As a conceptual artist, Baird’s focus when painting is capturing the movement behind what the eye can see: The force of nature in all things. Baird now shares her time between Portobello - Edinburgh, and the Island of Martha’s Vineyard. She is an artist, poet and writer whose work appears in numerous publications including Poetry Scotland, DeLuge Journal, New Millennium Writings and Cape Cod Poetry Review, as well as through multi-media installations and film. M. R. Baird is the author of two published poetry collections - “Uplands,” and “Valentines and other Tragedies.”

1-10 September 2017
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