Venue 7

Alison Stewart

OPEN: Both weekends

11A John Street
tel 07949 809505

Everyday objects are explored through drawing, mixed media studies and oil painting.

Alison's work takes its starting point from observational drawing of quite prosaic objects such as tools. The experience of intense observation followed by open ended exploration of the subject using a variety of media allows new salient images to emerge. These distilled images are an endeavour to transform the work from mere observation to an expression of an emotionally charged world within the painting. Set in a generalised environment the attention is on the psychological undertones of the work rather than any attempt at photographic realism.

The artist wishes her work to elicit a visceral response in the viewer where no recourse to a written explanation is deemed necessary. In the words of Isak Dinesen ‘There is no mystery in art. Do the things that you can see, they will show you what you cannot see.’

opening times:
fri 1st & fri 8th sept 4-8pm
sat 2nd & sat 9th sept 10am-6pm
sun 3rd & sat 10th sept 11am-5pm

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