Venue 17

Mary Walters

Showing with Rosie Walters & Jamie Kinroy

OPEN: Second weekend only - 8-10 Sept

1F2, 5 Straiton Place [over two flats]
tel 07749 987264

Mixed media artworks responding to wild landscapes of the edge - where water meets land - involving drawing, printmaking and mixed media.

Mary finds her inspiration in wild landscapes - the landscapes of mountains, where geological time manifests itself in gigantic landforms; the landscapes of the edge, where land meets water; and the landscapes of memory - an intangible, elusive, yet powerful melting pot of images and ideas.

The impermanence of these landscapes is of interest to her: Rocks that seem sold which are constantly engaged in the process of reformation; Insignificant human marks, of rush, cracks, scratch graffiti, distressed surface and torn edge, all contribute to a layered interplay and re-invention.

opening times:
fri 1st & fri 8th sept 4-8pm
sat 2nd & sat 9th sept 10am-6pm
sun 3rd & sat 10th sept 11am-5pm

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