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Paul Charlton

Showing with Twelfth Edition

OPEN: Both weekends

Studio, 12 Coillesdene Drive
tel 07740 947357

Inspired by momento mori, religious reliquaries, Victorian curiosities, oddities and side shows, Paul Charlton creates prints using different techniques to create 3-d works and works on materials other than paper.

Paul primarily uses wood as a surface medium: screen printing, etching, embossing, applying paint/photographs as appropriate. The presentation of the finished piece of art is very important to him, with framing given as much attention as the image. Creating a solid, three dimensional artwork is a major part of my process and helps to blend the boundary between the visual and tactile.

"I have always been inspired by the technical aspect of making art, whether that be printmaking, sculpture, set building or photography and have contrived to bring these aspects together: for me, the craft involved in making the finished work is as important as the creation of the initial idea or sketch." Paul has exhibited in group shows in Edinburgh Printmakers, SSA, VAS, RSA , Stills and around the UK, and most recently had a solo exhibition at The Open Eye Gallery, Edinburgh.

opening times:
fri 1st & fri 8th sept 4-8pm
sat 2nd & sat 9th sept 10am-6pm
sun 3rd & sat 10th sept 11am-5pm

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