1/ Paul Charlton + Twelfth Edition
2/ Sarah Knox + Cate Britee
3/ Javier Ventura
4/ Zoe Kean
5/ Jenny Martin
6/ Karl Stern
7/ Alison Stewart
8/ Wrangholm Lodge Group
9/ Margot Hailey + Susie Reade
10/ Jenny Antonio
11/ Jane Rutherford + Mark Haddon
12/ Lee Patterson
13/ Peter Jones + Greta McMillan
14/ Caroline Convey
15/ Maria Alonso
16/ Paul MacPhail
17/ Mary Walters, Rosie Walters + Jamie Kinroy
18/ Robin Baillie
19/ Rosie Nimmo
20/ Lynsey Walters + Carla Edwards
21/ Teresa Gordon
22/ Claire MacDonald
23/ Fiona Bisset
24/ Simon Jackson + Jane Angel
25/ Bridge Pottery Collective
26/ Lindsay Anderson
27/ Julie Abrahams



Many of Portobello's artists open their doors and gardens exhibiting and selling their work over the two weekends.
Not all Art Houses are open both weekends, please check individual entries for details.





This year the Art Houses route starts from Joppa with Paul Charlton + Twelfth in Coillesdene, continuing with other artists in the Joppa area and on the prom: Sarah Knox + Cate Brittee, Javier Ventura, Zoe Kean and Jenny Martin.







The area of John Street, John Street Lane and the nearby Prom is home to artists Jane Rutherford + Mark Haddon, Jenny Antonio, collaborative duo Margot Hailey + Susie Reade, Wrangholm Lodge group show, Alison Stewart and Karl Stern.








Bellfield Lane, Marlborough Street, and Regent Street show the work Lee Patterson, Peter Jones + Greta McMillan, Caroline Convey, Maria Alonso, Paul MacPhail, with two flats next to each other on Straiton Place showing the work of Rosie and Mary Walters, with Jamie Kinroy.






The Bath Street area shows Robin Baillie and Rosie Nimmo. Jewellers Lynsey Walters and Carla Edwards show their work together on Lee Crescent, with Teresa Gordon and Claire MacDonald on Portobello High Street.







The west end of Portobello sees Art Houses opened up from Bridge Pottery Collective and Simon Jackson + Jane Angel on Adelphi Place, Fiona Bisset on Beach Lane, Lindsay Anderson on Pipe Street, and Julie Abrahams near to the bottom of Kings Road.




The Art Houses are open:
Fri: 4-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-5pm

Please check individual entries for which weekend they are open.

all enquiries contact:

tel. 07941 710304


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