All at Sea
Juliana Capes
Alexander Champion
Jon Davey and Jen Russell
Lauren Fox
Douglas Gibb
Emma Macleod
Paul MacPhail
Rosy Naylor
Jude Nixon
Jenny Pope
Linda Thompson
Kate Tweddle + Elaine Maher
Susana Wessling

ArtRail Project 'Journey Lines'
Chris Dooks
Deirdre Macleod
Andrew Pringle
Felicity Bristow + Mark Timmins (Img above - photo: Jon Davey)
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Site specific works were placed in many hidden and unfamiliar parts of the prom and beach drawing attention to our locality and seaside history.

Amongst the works... Juliana Capes creates a balloon installation for Joppa Bandstand, Lauren Fox returns with her Tidal Octopus, Jenny Pope creates an installation for St Marks Church graveyard responding to old histories, Emma Macleod's dripping sculptures can be found in Abercorn Park, Douglas Gibb places flat stones on the beach, Porty Light Box is home to work from Jon Davey & Jen Russell (pictured above), and we have a sound installation in St Marks Church from invited artist, Chris Dooks, as part of our ArtRail project.

'12 baker's wives' at the bottom of Kings Road (Kate Tweddle & Elaine Maher) - A temporary chalk-based painted mural based on the history of a '12 baker's wives race' from 1661. The Mercurius Caledonius - one of the earliest recognised newspapers in Scotland – tells of the race between twelve baker’s wives, all the way from Portobello to the top of Arthur’s Seat. The Mercurius said “All of them in a condition which makes violent exertion unsuitable to the female form”. The prize was a hundredweight of Cheese (112lbs), along with Whisky and Rum.



'artist led walks'

Artist, poet and walker, Alexander Twig Champion, led a series of art walks around the sites of many of the located artworks and around other hidden parts of Portobello.


'st marks church'

is home to a series of art installations. We have Chris Dooks' sound installation in the church as part of our ArtRail project - Jenny Pope has created an installation around lives unmarked relating to the graveyard and the church sees their decommissioned organ pipes returned as an artwork by Barbara Hilliam, as part of the Church's own celebration day on sat 3rd sept from 11am

Joppa Bandstand

Julian Capes responds to the unique space of Joppa Bandstand with an installation inspired by coast, wave and water.

Abercorn Park

Emma Macleod creates installation amongst the trees in Abercorn Park, to create miniature bird boxes and a giant egg.

Portobello Prom

Here+Now invite participants to grow seed to plant in local public places.

Joppa Church Garden

Linda Thompson installation in the grounds of Joppa Church.

Portobello Beach Groyne

Interested in the idea that the sea erases all the traverses made within it, whilst land retains them, Rosy Naylor creates an installation ('Sea Roads') around the invisibility and usage of the sea road, making a work that is at times itself made invisible by the tide.

Morton Street Beach Groyne

'See (in)Side' invites you to See (in)Side as you reflect on your encounter at Morton St groyne, from locally based artist and counsellor.

Bath Street Beach Groyne

'Cressida' the beach Octopus created in 2015 by artist Lauren Fox returns to Portobello's Bath Street Groyne

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fri 2nd 11-4pm
sat 3rd 11-4pm
sun 4th 11-4pm

organised and curated by rosy naylor, local based artist and designer

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