Claudia Nocentini + Katharine McCullough



39 Seaview Terrace EH15 2HE
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Claudia Nocentini is a Bologna-born, Portobello-based artist with a background in English and Italian Literature spanning an academic career in researching and teaching Italian Studies including a Senior Lecturership at the University of Edinburgh. With a certificate from Leith School of Art in 2015, Claudia has been cultivating her long-lasting passion for contemporary art also through workshops, residencies and masterclasses in Portobello, Edinburgh and Bologna since 2011.

As a screen-based “sketchbook” of gestural drawings Ink In Movement is a new digital departure for Claudia’s artistic practice. Inspired by Breathe, a contemporary dance duet by White and Givan, it was recently exhibited as a site-specific intervention at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh, and it is on view until 25 September 2016 as a 22-channel drawing installation as part of the Stage group exhibition curated by Iliyana Nedkova at Threshold artspace, Perth.

Katharine McCullough was born in Belfast and has lived in Ghana, Tanzania, France and Japan. She has a strong interest in the connection between what is visible and invisible, of how we communicate what is hidden to others and often to ourselves. She is currently exploring ideas behind mantras and hidden messages.



Claudia Nocentini

Katharine McCullough

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opening times:
fri 2nd sept 11-4pm
sat 3rd sept 11-4pm
sun 4th sept 11-4pm

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