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Venue 18


Joppa Bandstand, The Promenade


" Breakers by Juliana Capes at Joppa Bandstand, 1st - 2nd September 2016"


A person or thing that breaks.

A wave that breaks or dashes into foam.

A person who indicates a wish to transmit a message.

A period of emotional vulneralibity as in "you've just got to get past the breakers".

Risky Public Art.


Juliana creates a new installation for Joppa Bandstand. Following on from her recent installations as part of Leith Late and Cupar Arts Festival this year, Juliana will respond to the unique space of Joppa Bandstand with a new installation for this year's Art Walk inspired by coast, wave and water.

Juliana Capes was born in 1974 (British) and graduated from Birmingham School of Fine Art in 1996. Her 2015 exhibitions included installations at Hidden Door Festival, Wall Projects in Montrose and SSA 2015 at National Galleries of Scotland, where she won the SSA Exhibition Prize 2015. In 2016 she undertook commissions for Cupar Arts Festival and Leith Late, supported by an Award from Edinburgh City Council and Creative Scotland. She lives and has a studio in Portobello.

Her artworks are interpretations of natural phenomena and are formed through choosing materials and sites as contextualisation, preferring those that tell stories by their associations. Objects are changed by artistic processes or placements, to invite audiences to understand them in a new and different ways. Site is of equal importance, with environments inspiring and contributing to meaning. Conceptually, ideas change and reoccur. The natural word is an important source of inspiration as are investigations around the concepts of love, luck and belief, climate change and resources. Her work is accessible, with a considerable visual punch and full of contexts that reward further investigation.

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opening times:
fri 2nd 11-4pm
sat 3rd 11-4pm
sun 4th 11-4pm

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