OPEN STUDIOS | John Thayers

Venue 17 


31 Esplanade Terrace EH15 2ES

My paintings and art work explore the relationship between form, colour and texture, the man made and natural environment. Place past and present, the seascapes, naval iconography and cityscapes have all influenced my work.

Using simple readily available material, such as timber, offcuts and driftwood, I explore the tension between the geometric shapes and solidity of the build environment to the more organic flowing forms found in nature. The wood gives the work a third dimension reflecting the importance of urban themes. This interplay, enhanced by use of bold colours seeks to find harmony and balance.

The starting point for my work is an idea, a notion worth exploring and this shapes the material to be used. I never start with a sketch, layout or plan of what I intend to do. The process of creating, trying different combinations of shapes and material, drives the idea forward. A bit like making a jigsaw but with no picture on the box to dictate the final outcome.


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opening times:
fri 2nd sept 11-4pm
sat 3rd sept 11-4pm
sun 4th sept 11-4pm

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