Bell's Galleries
COVE Window popup
Esther Donaldson + Rachel Everitt, Portobello Baptist Church Cafe
Stuart Gilmour, The Tide
Jacqui Higgs, The Skylark
Barbara Hilliam, Friday St Antiques
Lindsey Lavender, Twelve Triangles
Rosita McKenzie, Monny Ice Cream
Anna Liebmann, The Wild Flower Shop
Liz Tainsh, The Tide
Velvet Easel Gallery


Many local shops and cafes will be participating in the Art Walk by hosting artists' works:

the skylark, the tide, friday street antiques, twelve triangles, velvet easel, cove, monnys ice cream, portobello baptist church cafe, bell's galleries, the wild flower shop, and more...

The Art Walk opens on Thurs eve, 1st Sept, 7-9pm at the Skylark showcasing Jacqui Higgs work. Our opening preview will also be at A449 Architects for our Art Rail project.

Amongst the popups... Lindsay Lavender shows work from her 'railways' series at the new Porty cafe, Twelve Triangles.

Blind photographer, Rosita McKenzie's work is at Monny Ice Cream, on Brighton Place.

Local basketweaver, Anna Liebmann, works on an interesting collaboration with the Wild Flower Shop.

View all the art-in-shops artists by using the links at the top of the page.

opening hours:
fri 2nd 11-4pm
sat 3rd 11-4pm
sun 4th 11-4pm

organised and curated by rosy naylor, local based artist and designer

all enquiries contact:

tel. 07941 710304


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