Art Walk Projects are currently working with Sustrans and East Dunbartonshire Council to develop an Art Walk project around the public space of the railway station, car park, centre of Lenzie and Lenzie Moss working with a small number of research process-led artists.

A series of initial interventions in the public space is planned to start from 6th May 2017 involving artists: Jacqueline Donachie, Nathalie Holbrook and Deirdre Macleod, produced and curated by artist, Rosy Naylor.  The temporary works will connect up disparate places and uses, inviting the public to consider their different transitions through the space.    

This is part of a longer project that Sustrans are working on, developing the public space of the centre of Lenzie for 2018/19.

Recent projects

ArtRail: Journey Lines...


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