Chris Dooks

An idiosyncratic tour of The Innocent Railway – ‘Autopaths’ fuses routes with the route-designer’s life story, enabling participants to walk (or cycle) in their shoes. Initially this is Chris Dooks’ Autopath and it is an introduction to how walks and tours may trigger autobiographical content.

Beginning at the East Parkside entrance of The Innocent Railway, this is part accessible cycle route, and part autobiography of the author focussed around 12 different stories, each with their own story / piece of audio reflecting on that site.
Warning: Some adult content in the stories - sex / grief

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About the route:
1- Introduction
East Parkside Entrance of The Innocent Railway

2- Baked Beans at Ninety Miles per hour
East Parkside Entrance of The Innocent Railway

3- Silence for Stillborn Sisters
Exactly half way through the tunnel

4- Big Blue Rabbit
Exit of The Innocent Railway Tunnel

5- The Bluebottle
The Swamp near the path

6- Cow Stomach Mantra
The first field opposite the swamp area

7- Rob the Dry Stone Waller
A nice patch of dry stone wall

8- The Dying Triceratops
Where there is space for bikes on the left

9- The Portable Bay of Laig
Overgrown section

10- Luis
The Platform halfway down the path

11- Four Minutes and Thirty Three Seconds
The Bridge

12- Thanks
The Bridge


Chris Dooks: 'Autopath'
Alec Finlay: 'The Minor Walk Manifesto'
Deirdre Macleod: 'Cul-de-sac'
Holger Mohaupt: 'Lost in Musselburgh'
Suzanne Parry: 'In my shoes'