2021 projects

Jonathan Baxter

line walk mindful drawing -
a year in the life of Little France Park

Join the artist, Jonathan Baxter, for a monthly walk through Little France Park.

Starting on 2nd January and finishing on 4th December 2021, participants are invited to walk the same path, there and back, for two hours each month. The walk is free, wheelchair accessible and takes place from 10am-12pm on the first Saturday of each month. While designed as a year-long engagement, participants are free to attend as many walks as they choose, from 1 to 12.

Using a combination of mindfulness and drawing techniques, participants will be invited to note changes within the season and changes within themselves. Drawing, in this context, includes a range of freely chosen activities: drawing in a sketchbook, taking a photograph, drawing breath, or intervening in the landscape etc.

No experience is necessary, no skills are assumed and all ages are welcome.

Note: a substantial part of the walk will be undertaken in silence. For parents with young children who may find silence difficult this 'rule' will be generously interpreted. The same applies for carers accompanying adults with special needs.

Meeting point: outside the Thistle Foundation, Centre of Wellbeing, 13 Queen's Walk, Edinburgh, EH16 4EA.

Dates and times: 2nd Jan, 6th Feb, 6th Mar, 3rd Apr, 1st May, 5th Jun, 3rd Jul, 7th Aug, 4th Sept, 2nd Oct, 6th Nov, 4th Dec, 10am-12pm.

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For more information contact: Jonathan Baxter at jb4change[at]gmail.com

The 'line walk mindful drawing' walks mark the start of Jonathan Baxter's walking residency for Craigmillar and Communities - more info to follow shortly on his residency.