Audio Guides

Three of our participating artists + artist collaborations, have produced audio guides to compliment their work in the Edgelands project. They offer unique ways to explore the different spaces of Seafield and Meadows Yard Nature Reserve.

You can download each from this website, or borrow headphones and mp3 player from our A449 Architects group show, to guide you as you take the walk around the 'Edge Lands' of Seafield.


‘A Walk in Our Sho[r]es’
Guided Audio Walk with Here+Now

An experiential audio art walk simultaneously exploring the sensory, landscape and potential qualities of Seafield, Portobello, Edinburgh, and Sydhavnen, Copenhagen.
Created by Here+Now in collaboration with City Link Festival.



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A storytelling style piece that explores and guides you around the wilderness that is Meadows Yard, a pocket of paradise, with its otherworldly sculptures from Emma and Abi, amongst the tall grass, overgrown nettles & gnarly bushes.



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Original sounds recorded by Bristow + Wilson in Meadows Yard Nature Reserve, Fillyside Road, EH15 1TB | Soundscape created in collaboration with sound artist, Ross Whyte.



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The Art Walk Porty event builds on Portobello's diverse creative community and its unique coastline with site specific art, art houses, popup art in local shops and venues, and a maker's market, arranged around a local walk of Portobello. We showcase quality contemporary art, supporting emergent artists as well as having an invited artists programme, forging links with local shops and related organisations with a collaborative approach. The event engages the local community and wider audiences to a rich and diverse programme.


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