Art Walk Projects produces and curates projects working with local communities and public spaces. We nurture emergent artists working within contemporary practice and commission perceptive and imaginative works that draw upon the local environment, local history, and local communities, presented within a contemporary context. Audiences are encouraged to engage with the artists works through a process of learning, informing and participation.

The Art Walk Porty project is an artist-led project run by volunteers, that brings together local audiences and artists celebrating the public space and creative community of Portobello, Edinburgh's Seaside, culminating in an annual festival based around a walk. Our 2017 event works with 80 artists over 52 locations. It started as a pilot project in 2015.



Rosy Naylor [producer + founder],
Jon Davey, Amy Dennis, Emma Macleod, Jude Nixon,
Alison Chisholm, Jenny Martin, Karl Stern.

Art Walk Projects CIC no 525677

Email rosy@artwalkporty.co.uk

all enquiries contact
tel. 07941 710304


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